Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

This year brought many unexpected surprises..
14,000+blog hits, new techniques, new clients, new adventures.
In the final hours of today
I combed through my archives revisiting fun times spent with
special friends, family, & clients..

After a couple hours of browsing..
I share with you..MY TOP 10 photographic moments of the 2010 (not a simple task)

#10: .Engaged->[Nitya & Sundeep]
I miss this city & these dear friends,
my first engagement session with two of the most fun loving people i know...

Original April 11th Post [click here]

#9 .Promos->[solid dreams]
A number of good times were spent promoting this company.
I'm a fan of their vision, their designs and the two wonderful people that started it all.

Original October 23rd Post [click here]

#8: .Bikes Cuatro & Birthday goods
What would a year be with the expression of andrew nutsonn..
this punk always seems to make his way onto every memory card i own.
This photo is the epitome of the reaction i get from most family members
when the lens is pointed in their direction.

Original February 9th Post [click here]

#7: .Just married, the zaveri's
Beauty exists in the ritual, the event, and meaning behind it..

original post Sept 14th [click here]

#6: .Baby bumpin->MacManus's numero uno
In the US for a week, and honored to take their photos.

Original Post October 18th [click here]

#5: .P-journ entry #66, est 2010
Note: Visiting an aquarium when your older is depressing.
Despite the heartbreaking disappointment,
the afternoon spent with two of my best buds was one that will always stick out in my mind.

Original Post May 5th [click here]

#4: .Just married-->[ryan & dienna]
My first wedding! One camera, one flash, and one excited novice.
Shot in the land of Me-hi-co all while wearing a pair of gold bedazzled flip flops..
This was the 3rd shot taken on this day.
An experience that gave me a thirst to learn so much more..
The kick-start debut into a market I never thought I would be able to enter into..

Original post April 18th [Click Here]

#3: .Portraits->dionna
Random truck yard, head-shots for a former afternoon of laughter

original post march 9th [click here]

#2: .Lil bambino max
I am partial to this bambino.
A miracle that gave hope to my family in tough times.
Max, along with all of the other precious miracles I photographed this year,
helped me realize my favorite subject: bambinos.
Capturing their first days with thoughts of their bright futures ahead,
brings satisfaction unlike any other.

Original July 30th post [click here]

#1: .Mid twenties
Growing up means that your friends grow up too..
College graduation parties are now replaced with summer Weddings & babies.
All resulting in another excuse to take my camera out.

Original Post May 23rd [click here]

Thanks to all my wonderful clients and friends who made this year so memorable!

Original Post June 10th [click here]



  1. A fantastic reflection of your work and your memories! Can't wait to see what unfolds for you in 2011!
    Bright Blessings!

  2. Your photography can always make me smile. You're so gifted and I'm happy for you and all of your success over this past year with it. Keep living your dream and best of luck with capturing 2011 in photos!

    =] Stephanie

  3. The moments in time you have captured are precious--beauty, emotion, life, laughter, love--One word to describe your vision, talent and work---INSPIRIT---continue to live your dream and inspire us all with the "moments in time" captured by your eye, lens and heart! Best wishes to you in 2011 and always---Happy New Year!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing such wonderful, professional pictures that are uplifting, interesting, hopeful, and happy. You are a wonderful photographer M. Love you!

  5. thanks for all of the overwhelmingly kind words and for taking interest in my work!!!!!!!!
    anonymous #3: you certainly keep me wondering........


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