Friday, December 6, 2013

P-Journ #94, est 2008--> Reborn.

It's been a long time since a personal post. This year brought the busiest portrait season to date, leaving little time for personal expression and reflection. With the last set edits winding down, the Photojournal, "P-Journ"is reborn.

P-journ #94:
The new year: A familiar school but unfamiliar feeling of being the new teacher, 7 years in. 
The realization: Transition takes time..the comforting space of D-18, the art room for creativity & after school goodwill is now 207.
The progress: One marking period in the rearview// 337 + student breadth and concentration photos critiqued, xacto blade tears :), frustration, and the 1st gallery exhibit of 8 unique Advanced Photography students hung.
The facts: Block 2 keeps me on my toes.

Tierney Riccio, Grade 12
 Graffiti & Transportation

Haley Kaczka, Grade 12
The Outdoors

Ashley Maselli, Grade 12

Melanie Santos, Grade 12

Raychel Frye, Grade 11
Home away from home

Tylin Tissenker, Grade 12
Drenched Flesh

Gabriella Battaglio, Grade 12
The street

Haley Abruzzese, Grade 12
Signs, Wood and other things

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